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Information for vulnerable population


The legalization of human settlements of illegal origin constituted by social interest dwellings is the process by which the municipal or District administration recognizes the existence of a human settlement constituted by social interest dwellings, developed and consolidated, the incorporation into the perimeter is advanced urban, urban plans are approved, land uses are regularized and urban regulations are issued, without prejudice to the legal actions that fall on those responsible for these illegal processes. The legalization process does not constitute an express obligation for the territorial entity to have to provide the residential public services as well as the construction of the infrastructure works that the settlement lacks, nor does it imply the formalization of the rights of property in favor of eventual holders.

These procedures are regulated in the following regulations:

  • DECREE 1077 OF 2015 issued on May 26, (INTEGRATED VERSION WITH ITS MODIFICATIONS, this version incorporates the modifications introduced to the Single Regulatory Decree of the Housing, City and Territory Sector from the date of its issuance. OCTOBER 2020), through which the Single Regulatory Decree of the Housing Sector, City and Territory is issued. CHAPTER 5 URBAN LEGALIZATION OF HUMAN SETTLEMENTS. (Consult the link )

  • DECREE 149 OF 2020 issued on February 4, through which articles 276 and 277 of Law 1955 of 2019 are regulated, article 41 of Law 1537 of 2012 and Decree 1077 of 2015 Sole Regulatory of the Housing Sector is modified , City and Territory, in relation to the transfer of fiscal real estate and the urban legalization of human settlements. (Consult the link )

  • DECREE 1333 OF 2020 issued on October 6, through which Law 1848 of 2017, Articles 122 and 123 of Decree Law 2106 of 2019 are regulated and Chapter 4 of Title 6 of Part 2 of Book 2 of Decree 1077 of 2015 only Regulatory of the Housing, City and Territory Sector, in relation to the recognition of existing buildings and the recognition of social interest housing located in legalized settlements, and other provisions are issued. (Consult the link )

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