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Transparency and citizen service

  1. Mechanisms of contact with the Curatorship

  2. Information of interest

  3. Organizational structure and human talent

  4. Directory of entities

  5. Directory of unions, associations and other interest groups.

  6. Normativity

  7. Control

  8. Control entities that monitor the curator

  9. I nformation for vulnerable population

  10. Judicial defense

  11. Procedures and services

  12. Public information instruments

  13. Document management program

    • Program

    • Documentary retention tables

  14. Passive transparency

  15. Accessibility

    • The website of Curaduría Dos de Piedecuesta was scanned through the Accessibility and Usability tool, obtaining a AAA level rating.

    • Based on these results, the actions to be taken were determined to continue improving the accessibility and usability conditions of our page that facilitate better care of the Curatorship with all citizens and their interest groups, through electronic means.

  16. Personal data protection

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