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Public information instruments

Publication registration -

Regarding the information on the urban planning licenses issued, we proceed to inform that on the website of the Urban Curatorship, there is the repository of the actions issued by the Urban Curator, with the purpose of generating a repository for consultation of the respective administrative authorities and control entities when required, in compliance with the provisions of Resolution No. 8103 of July 12, 2018 issued by the Superintendency of Notaries and Registry, by which the Procedure for the Repository of Urban Planning Licenses in the Integrated Service and Management System -SISG-, in principle as of January 1, 2018, an obligation that was modified by Resolution No. 11274 of September 18, 2018, making it retroactive as of January 1, 2018. July 13, 2017, date from which the Superintendency of Notaries and Registry began the exercise of the powers attributed by Law 1796 of 2016 .

La Curadora Urbana Dos de Piedecuesta María Fernanda Amaya Madrid, no ha sido objeto de auditoría alguna por los diferentes entes de control


  • To establish PQRDS on the management of the Curator by action or omission, it can be carried out to the control bodies that in accordance with Law 1796 of 2016 have jurisdiction, with the Superintendency of Notaries and Registration being the immediate entity, without prejudice to the right preferably that the Attorney General's Office has against disciplinary action, as the case may be, for which the Superintendency's PQRDS Link is disclosed, which is the entity that watches over us: pqrs /

  • To establish PQRDS on the management of the Interdisciplinary Group, staff from the administrative and service area, which supports the management of the Curator, by action or omission in their functions, can be contacted by email at the curatorship

Reproduction costs

  • (Expenditure of Decree 1077 of 2015)


In accordance with Decree 1077 of 2015, article numeral 4, the Urban Curator grants a certified copy of plans, which is none other than the certification granted by the urban curator or the competent municipal or district authority to issue licenses for that the additional copy of the plans is identical to the plans that were approved in the respective urban planning license.


The value of this certified copy in accordance with article Expenses for other actions, which Decree 1077 of 2015 deals with, will cause an expense of one (1) legal minimum daily wage in force for each plan.

Information scheme

See the information publication scheme.


The Urban Curator Dos de Piedecuesta María Fernanda Amaya Madrid, makes the annual report of the PQRS that has been presented, which is done at the end of the respective year.

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