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The Urban Curatorship 2 of Piedecuesta

On August 15, 2017, the results of the merit contest for urban curators of the municipality of Piedecuesta were published. Before this date, the municipality that belongs to the Bucaramanga Metropolitan Area did not have a curator. It is from Resolution No. 186G of 2017, that the Architect María Fernanda Madrid begins her work as Piedecuesta's curator.


Maria Fernanda

Amaya Madrid

The architect is a specialist in strategic and urban planning and has 20 years of experience working for the construction and design of spaces that promote quality of life and beautify the environment. Since the second semester of 2017, she has held her position as Urban Curator of the municipality of Piedecuesta

Our team


Position the Curaduría Urbana N ° 2 of Piedecuesta as an agile and effective office with the services offered, giving legal and technical security to users; supported by a professional human resource and experience in dynamic and cutting-edge technological tools.


By the year 2022, the Urban Curatorship N ° 2 of Piedecuesta will be recognized as an excellent curatorship in customer service and for the correct guidance in the different projects filed and processed by users.

Misión y visión


What are the hours of service of the Curaduría?

The office of the Urban Curaduría N ° 2 of Piedecuesta offers the service of attention to citizens from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. until noon and reopens its doors at 2:00 p.m. until 6: 00 pm

What are the costs that must be paid for the processing and issuance of an Urban Planning License?

Every license request generates a fixed charge and a variable charge, the fixed charge is canceled at the time of filing the documents. The variable charge is canceled within a term of thirty (30) business days, counted from the requirement to provide proof of payment for taxes, levies, fees, contributions or participations, indicated in article of Decree 1077 of 2015 . The cost of these charges depends on the area and use of the project, values ​​that are regulated by the National Government.

You can consult the table of expenses available at this link .

What is the function of Curaduría 2 de Piedecuesta?

It is the office in charge of studying, processing and issuing urban licenses at the request of those interested in carrying out projects of this nature in the municipality of Piedecuesta. The Urban Curator María Fernanda Amaya Madrid and her team are responsible for verifying and verifying that the projects submitted to their consideration comply with the urban planning and earthquake resistance regulations in force, only when the application complies with these regulations will the corresponding license be issued .

How can I know the status of a procedure?

At Curaduría 2 de Piedecuesta we offer a personalized service. That is why you can request the consultation of a procedure by filling out the form that is on our website and after 2 hours (during business hours) you will be contacted by one of our officials.

What is the term to resolve License applications?

Decree 1077 of 2015 Article. The urban curators in charge of the study, processing and issuance of the licenses, will have a maximum period of forty-five (45) business days to resolve the requests for licenses and modification of the current license, ruling on their viability, denial or withdrawal from the date of date on which the request has been filed in legal and due form. License revalidation requests will be resolved within a maximum term of fifteen (15) business days from the date of filing the request in legal and due form.

What is the validity period of a License?

Decree 2218 of 2015 Art.

The urbanization licenses in development and redevelopment modalities, as well as the subdivision and construction licenses and the licenses for intervention and occupation of public space, will be valid for twenty-four (24) months.

Why is the license application denied?

The Urban Curator will deny a license when it does not comply with current urban planning and earthquake-resistance regulations.

When does the issuance of the License proceed?

Decree 1077 of 2015 Art.

The Urban Curator is obliged to issue the administrative act that grants the license, in a term not exceeding five (5) business days counted from the delivery of the documents indicated in article Decree 1077 of 2015 (Proof of payment for taxes, levies, fees, contributions or participations, expenses)

What are the causes of withdrawal of a license application process?

Decree 1077 of 2015 Article. :

  • Incomplete Filing

  • Breach of the Observations Act

  • For payments

  • Voluntary

What is a Locative Repair?

Decree 1077 of 2015 Art.

Locative repairs or improvements are understood to be those works that are intended to maintain the property in proper hygienic and ornamental conditions without affecting its bearing structure, its interior layout, its functional, formal and / or volumetric characteristics. The repairs or locative improvements referred to in article 8 of Law 8 10 of 2003 or the regulation that adds, modifies or replaces it will not require a construction license.

It is important to emphasize that the general public often has a wrong concept about what locative repairs are, which, as its name indicates, only includes maintenance and decoration. Work activities that involve demolition, change in interior and exterior design, that is to say that the architectural conditions of a property are changing are not considered locative repairs and in these cases they must process a construction license in accordance with current regulations.

Do not be fooled, if your intervention is different from maintenance works on the property, you must obtain a construction license.

The times of issuance of a concept of locative repairs are maximum 15 working days.

Get well informed by approaching to consult an Urban Curator's Office.

To which entity can people who feel affected by the execution of a work go?

Before the Local Mayor's Office that corresponds to the sector where the property is located.

Where can you request the cadastral letter?

In the facilities of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Bucaramanga, providing the exact address of the property.

What does an Urban Curator do?

Decree 1077 of 2015 article

The urban curator is a private person in charge of studying, processing and issuing licenses for subdivision, urbanization, construction and subdivision of properties, at the request of the person interested in carrying out projects of this nature.

What is an Urban Curatorship?

Decree 1077 of 2015 article

It is the office where the urban curator in the exercise of his functions verifies compliance with the urban planning and building regulations in force for the subdivision, subdivision, urbanization, or construction projects submitted for his consideration.

Who appoints the curators and for how long?

Decree 1077 of 2015 article.

The urban curators will be appointed by the Superintendency of Notaries and Registry, after a merit contest, for individual periods of five (5) years.

What specific services do urban curators provide?

  • Guidance on the application of urban regulations

  • Issuance of concepts of use and standard

  • Study, processing and issuance of urban licenses

  • Adjusting dimensions and areas

  • Horizontal property plans approval

  • Certified copy of plans

  • Authorization for the movement of earth

  • Pool approval

  • Modification of Urban Plans

  • Extension and Revalidation of urban licenses

What is an Urban Planning License?

It is the prior authorization to carry out works of urbanization and subdivision of properties, construction and demolition of buildings, intervention and occupation of public space, and to carry out the subdivision or subdivision of properties, issued by the urban curator.

What kinds of licenses do Urban Curators issue?

Decree 1077 of 2015 Art.

Urbanization, Parcel, Subdivision, Construction License

Who can apply for Urban Planning Licenses?

  • The owners of the main real rights, the owners of the domain right as fiduciary and the trustors of the same trusts, of the properties that are the object of the application.

  • The holders may only be holders of construction licenses and acts of recognition of the existence of buildings. (Article Decree 1077 of 2015)

What should I do to apply for an Urban Planning License?

Decree 1077 of 2015 Article Make the request to any Urban Curator of Bogotá and attach the following documents:

  • Certificate of freedom and tradition of the property, whose date of issue is not more than one month before the date of the application. When the property has not been expanded, the certificate of the largest property may be provided.

  • The single national form for the application for licenses duly filled out by the applicant.

  • Copy of the identity document of the applicant in the case of natural persons or certificate of existence and legal representation, whose date of issue is less than one month, in the case of legal persons.

  • Power of attorney or authorization duly granted, when acting through a proxy or agent, with the personal presentation of the person granting it.

  • Copy of the document or private declaration of the property tax of the last year in relation to the property that is the object of the application, where the alphanumeric nomenclature or identification of the property appears.

  • The relationship of the address of the neighboring properties to the project object of the request. This requirement will not be required in the case of properties completely surrounded by public space or located in non-suburban rural areas.

What should be done when a construction is not licensed?

The construction must be legalized by requesting before the Urban Curatorship, the procedure of Recognition of the Existence of a Building, the construction must be at least five (05) years old.

What are the penalties for construction without a license?

An urban infraction is incurred, which is sanctioned with fines, demolition of the building and / or closure of the work.

What happens if a person decides to increase the floors of their building, but does not request a Planning License in advance and what is the penalty?

A work activity without the proper authorization through a Construction License constitutes a Urban Infringement.

It corresponds only to the Local Mayor's Offices, in the Municipality of Girón, the Mayor's Office delegated this function to the Urban Control Inspections, who are in charge of imposing the sanctions derived from an urban infraction.

How can I request a concept of standard for a property?

Decree 1077 of 2015 Art. numeral 2.

You can make it through the website Request for Concepts , and do it virtually by attaching documents such as Certificate of Tradition and Freedom of the property object of consultation, public deed, cadastral letter and photocopy of the applicant's identity card and with canceling the expenses corresponding to said concept, for which the value to be canceled will be informed by mail. This procedure can also be done in person at our offices.

You can also approach any Urban Curatorship to make the consultation verbally, which does not generate any cost.


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We are proud to promote the territorial development of Piedecuesta

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