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Portal for children and adolescents of the Curaduría Urbana 2 de Piedecuesta


In this link, you will learn what an Urban Curator does and its relationship with the
construction and development of urban and rural properties.
So here we leave a simple explanation for you:

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Why is a license required to build?
It is important that before building a building the permit is obtained as is the respective license, this because the design to be built must meet important conditions to be habitable or used, this is to generate public space, be safe in case of a earthquake, have environmental and lighting spaces for the health of those who will make use of said buildings.

Likewise, it is important to have a license, to respect the rules, the order
public and social, and not be worthy of a police sanction, which even leads to the
demolition of the building being built.

What is a license?
It is a permit that is granted to allow the development of a property, whether it is urbanizing it, or building it to develop uses of housing, commerce, industry, endowments (sports centers, schools, universities).

Who monitors that the projects carried out by individuals and entities have
with urban license?

The person competent to perform this important security surveillance function is
public and social order, as well as of the same citizenship, is a Municipal Mayor or the
Police Inspectors, when said function is delegated to them.

When is a building license not required?
When you need to paint, change floors and veneers, internal utility networks of a building, make friezes, fix roofs and ceilings, as well as activities that do not involve demolition, modification of the spatial distribution of the building, and the design is maintained architectural, you do not have to apply for a license, as this is a Locative Repair, that is, they are works to keep the property in optimal condition.

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