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Procedures and services

  • The Urban Curator is a private person in charge of studying, processing and issuing urban planning licenses in their different modalities and which is dealt with in article and following of Decree 1077 of 2015; recognition of buildings that regulates article and following of the decree and other provisions related to the issuance of licenses indicated in article of said decree 1077; this in accordance with the current urban planning regulations of a national, municipal order, as well as the earthquake resistance regulations.

  • The Urban Curators, due to the actions of a public nature that they carry out, must submit, in accordance with the provisions of Decree 1077 of 2015, reports to the public entities stipulated in the standard such as DANE, Ministry of Housing, City and Territory, as well as Send a copy of the licenses that we issue to the Planning Advisory Office, in accordance with the procedures and formats established by said entities, who administer the management and treatment of the information provided.

  • Likewise, and in order to comply with the duty of cooperation with other entities, when so required, reports of the procedures issued are sent, as the case may be, to other entities such as the environmental authority CDMB, Metropolitan Area, Secretariat in charge of the Defense of the Public Assets of the Municipality, Camacol, control entities such as Procurator, Personería, Supernotariado, judicial and police authorities, among others when required, in accordance with the procedures and formats that said entities establish, who administer the management and treatment of the information supplied.

  • Now and with regard to the information of the urban planning licenses issued, we proceed to inform that on the website of the Urban Curatorship, there is the repository of the actions issued by the Urban Curator, with the purpose of generating a repository for consultation by the respective administrative authorities and control entities when required, in compliance with the provisions of Resolution No. 8103 of July 12, 2018 issued by the Superintendency of Notaries and Registry, by the which the Procedure for the Repository of Urban Planning Licenses was implemented in the Integrated System of Services and Management -SISG-, in principle as of January 1, 2018, an obligation that was modified by Resolution No. 11274 of September 18, 2018 , making it retroactive as of July 13, 2017, date from which the Superintendency of Notaries and Registry began the exercise of the powers attributed by Law 1796 of 2016 .

  • For more information on the procedures of the services and procedures of competence of the Curator, as well as the License Repository, you can consult the following links

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